'Domino District,' 121 x 92 cm . 

Spray paint, acrylic, coloured varnish , and photo transfer on canvas . 

'Domino District ' is an amalgamation of Miami Financial District which represents capitalism eroding public space, and ' Domino Park ' in Little Havana , Miami (public space.)


Support work for 'Negative Equity ,' 60 x 40 cm .

This piece is about inequality ,the gap literally left between monuments of globalisation and investment, and the homeless on ground level. 

The image of a homeless person is inverted to echo how she is perceived by the market : 'Negative Equity.'


Acrylic ,  spray paint , inkjet print and comic transferred onto canvas board, 2020.


More support work for 'Negative Equity,' 60 x 40 cm .

Acrylic, spray-paint and photo transfer on canvas board, 2020.